AR# 18922


7.1i ERROR:Cpld:1137 - "Child process failed -mode 1 ( HTML Report fails to open )"


General Description : 

At the end of CPLD fitting, the following message occurs as the report file is being generated: 


"ERROR:Cpld:1137 - Child process failed -mode 1"


To work around this issue, switch from the HTML report file format to the ASCII text report file format. From ISE Project Navigator, select Edit -> Preferences -> (CPLD Reports) Text. 


If you want to use HTML Reports, note the following: 

- Ensure that you have the latest service pack installed. 

- Ensure that Java is installed and enabled in your browser. 

- Verify that your browser is one of the supported versions listed in (Xilinx Answer 17567)


If the above conditions are met and HTML Reports still do not function, please open a WebCase for assistance in resolving this issue: 

AR# 18922
日期 05/08/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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