AR# 1893


M1/A2.1i, Workview Office: Viewlogic library description file (LIBS.LST) for Workview Office/M1


Keywords: M1, Workview Office, libraries

Urgency: standard

Workview Office is shipped with a file called LIBS.LST. This file contains
library search order descriptions for Xilinx families as well as for parts
from other vendors. The Xilinx libraries listed are those used with
XACTstep 6.

For XACTstep M1, the library paths have changed; therefore a new LIBS.LST
is required.


The updated LIBS.LST can be found on the M1 CD in the VIEWLOG\DATA directory.
It can also be found on the Xilinx FTP site at

Place the LIBS.LST file in your \WVOFFICE\STANDARD directory, replacing the
existing file.

Although Workview Office 7.31 and later are the versions that M1 supports, this
file is also compatible with Workview Office 7.2.
AR# 1893
日期 09/06/2001
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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