AR# 1895


VERILOG-XL: SDFA Error: Type of INSTANCE xxxx does not match CELLTYPE <cell_name>


Keywords: Verilog, sdf annotator match cell instance uselib board

Urgency: standard

General Description:
The SDF Annotator issues an error message similar to the following:

Error: Type of INSTANCE XXXX does not match CELLTYPE YYYY


This may be seen when doing a board level simulation incorporating
multiple Verilog netlists using the `uselib directive that reference libraries
with similar cell names. When simulations are run on the individual Verilog
netlists by themselves, SDF Annotate operates properly, but doing a
complete board level simulation with multiple netlists and their associated
SDF files causes this error to appear.

In the multiple Verilog netlist situation (such as in a board level simulation),
the `uselib compiler directive changes the duplicate module or primitive
names to make them unique. The side effect of this is that once the module
and primitve names have been changed, the SDF Annotator is no longer
able to match up the original instance types to the cell types in the netlist.

Invoke Verilog-XL with the command-line option, +sdf_nocheck_celltype.
The +sdf_nocheck_celltype plus option disables celltype validation between
the SDF Annotator and the Verilog description. By default, the SDF Annotator
validates the type specified in the CELLTYPE construct against the type of
the cell instance that is specified in the INSTANCE keyword construct.
AR# 1895
日期 05/05/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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