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AR# 19022

Nohau - Checklist for Setting Up the Nohau Debugger for MicroBlaze


Keywords: Nohau, MicroBlaze, debugger, serial, USB, error

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After adding the Nohau debugger to my MicroBlaze system, I am unable to connect. What is causing this problem?


Checklist for Setting Up the Nohau Debugger for MicroBlaze

* Check to make sure your license is in the C:\Nohau folder.
* Make sure that license is for your pod.
* Make sure the "nohaudebugtraceblaze" module is in your "pcores" folder.
* Try another USB port - there is a known problem with USB ports in laptop docking stations.
* Make sure "xmdstub" is in block RAM memory.
* Make sure to use download.bit and not system.bit (download.bit contains xmdstub).
* Make sure you meet timing in your design.
* Make sure project has "debugtraceblaze" connected on the OPB, and set as debug peripheral.
AR# 19022
日期 04/25/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章