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6.3/6.2 EDK Linux - Installation of parallel port driver on Linux


Keywords: Linux, driver, parallel port, EDK, XPS, XMD

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General Description:
How do I install parallel port drivers on Linux?


To install the parallel port drivers using EDK 6.3 only:

EDK utilizes the parallel port drivers released with ISE 6.3i. Please refer to (Xilinx Answer 18612) for installation information.

To install the parallel port drivers using EDK 6.2 only:

Download the from:

Unzip this file to a temporary directory. It contains the following:

xilinx_pp.o - This is the parallel port driver module. This has been compiled for the Linux 2.4.20-18.8smp kernel.
xilinx_pp.tar - Source files for the parallel port driver.

1. Go to the directory that contains xilinx_pp.o. do "insmod xilinx_pp.o".

a. If a kernel version mismatch occurs, the driver module must be rebuilt for the current kernel as follows:
- Untar the xilinx_pp.tar file.
- cd to the xilinx_pp directory and execute ./
- The xilinx_pp.o file will be generated in ~/xilinx_pp/linux-i686/directory.
- Perform Step 1 again.

b. If the following unresolved symbol errors are reported:
linux-i686/xilinx_pp: unresolved symbol parport_unregister_device
linux-i686/xilinx_pp: unresolved symbol parport_claim_or_block
linux-i686/xilinx_pp: unresolved symbol parport_find_number
linux-i686/xilinx_pp: unresolved symbol parport_negotiate
linux-i686/xilinx_pp: unresolved symbol parport_register_device
linux-i686/xilinx_pp: unresolved symbol parport_put_port
linux-i686/xilinx_pp: unresolved symbol parport_release

the Linux parallel port module must be installed at follows:
- cd /lib/modules/<current kernel ver>/kernel/drivers/parport
- insmod parport.o
- Perform Step 1 again.

2. Ensure that the modules have been installed. If you enter "lsmod" or "cat/proc/modules", the two modules should be visible:

Module.......Size.....Used by.....Not tainted

3. If the kernel had DEVFS support, it should create the Xilinx parallel port device /dev/xilinx_pp/0. If this has not been created, it must be created manually as follows:

1. Determine the device number that the kernel assigned to xilinx_pp:
cat /proc/devices
2. Suppose this number is 253. Create a device node for that number:
mkdir /dev/xilinx_pp
mknod /dev/xilinx_pp/0 c 253 0
chmod 666 /dev/xilinx_pp/0
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