AR# 19093


6.2i ChipsScope Pro - LPT2 port not found


General Description: 

ChipScope 6.2i fails to find LPT2, and I receive the following messages: 


"ERROR: Open (or Close) Cable Failed. Check your host connection to the cable and try again." 

"ERROR: Failed to open Xilinx Parallel Cable"


For LPT2, ChipScope uses the same variable environment as iMPACT. 


To ensure that ChipScope detects the cable on LPT2, set XIL_IMPACT_ENV_LPT2_BASE_ADDRESS=xxxx (xxxx will be the address of your LPT2, for example C400). 


To select the LPT2 in ChipScope Analyzer: 


ChipScope's menu -> "JTAG Chain" -> Xilinx Parallel cable -> Port -> LPT2.

AR# 19093
日期 05/16/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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