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AR# 191

*Obsolete* JTAG BSDL - Using TI ASSET tester with Xilinx BSDL files (Instruction_Private)


Keywords: bsdl, assett, instruction_private, xc4000, xc5200

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The attribute "Instruction_Private" in the BSDL files for Xilinx XC4K/XC5K devices is not supported by TI's ASSET tester. TI will include support for this feature in the future releases of the software. This is a valid attribute according to the BSDL standard.


To get these files to compile in the present ASSET tools, the following lines can be commented out, as follows (add the '--' characters at the
beginning of the line):

-- attribute INSTRUCTION_PRIVATE of XC4005 : entity is

-- "USER1, " & -- If function is programmed and not private, remove
-- "USER2, " & -- If function is programmed and not private, remove
-- "RESERVED"; -- Xilinx reserved

As a result, the tester will have no knowledge of the private instructions, i.e., it will not know that the corresponding op-codes are for special purposes, etc.

This should only be necessary for the TI ASSET boundary scan tools.

TI tech support -- Dave Bonnet -- (214) 575-3357

AR# 191
日期 09/26/2005
状态 Archive
Type ??????