AR# 19141


7.1i FPGA Editor - Probing error 178, "Could not route probe..." and warning 561, "Can't find compatible IO standard..."


General Description:

Adding a probe automatically, the user receives the Warnings, followed by the fpga_editor Error:

"#WARNING:FPGAEditor:561 - Can't find any compatible IO standard at site "AE5".

# Route failed for AE5

#ERROR:FPGAEditor:178 - Could not route the probe for net "ipcam_intf1/write_lwen[0]"."


This is a current bug in FPGA Editor 7.1i . The error will be fixed in 7.1i Service Pack 3. In the meantime, a probe can manually be created:

1. Select the desired IOB for the probe and add it by pressing Add.

2. Open the IOB block and Route the IOB from O1 pin to the pad.

3. Back in the Array window, select the desired net and the IOB pin O1 using the control key and press Add to autoroute the net to the IOB pin O1.

AR# 19141
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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