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AR# 19188

9.1i ISE - Project Navigator does not work with files located on NetWare server


Keywords: Project Navigator, 6.2, Novell, NetWare

When running ISE Project Navigator on a local machine and accessing files stored on a NetWare 6.2 server, Project Navigator might implement the design once and then not allow you to re-implement an existing design while Project Navigator is open. The problem seems to be resolved upon closing the Project Navigator GUI and then re-opening it.


Xilinx design tools are not tested or supported over Novell NetWare networks. NetWare servers might not work correctly with the current version of ISE software.

To avoid the need to close and re-open Project Navigator for each design implementation, perform one of the following:

- Transfer the files to the local machine, run the design, and then copy these files to the main server after the design is implemented.
- Transfer the files to another TCP/IP network that is not running Novell NetWare, typically a Windows/Solaris/Linux-based operating system.
AR# 19188
日期 04/13/2009
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章