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LogiCORE PLB Gigabit Ethernet MAC (PLB GEMAC) v1.01a - Release Notes for EDK 6.2i SP1


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This Answer Record describes the improvements made to the PLB Gigabit Ethernet MAC (PLB GEMAC) core in EDK 6.2i Service Pack 1.


A new version of the PLB GEMAC is introduced in EDK 6.2i Service Pack 1. The new version is plb_gemac_v1_01_a. More information on EDK 6.2i SP1 is available at:

The following bug fixes and enhancements are included in the EDK 6.2i SP1 release of v1.01a of the PLB GEMAC core:

- The new Data Re-alignment Engine (DRE) was added to the IPIF. This removes the need to perform buffer copying in the VxWorks adapters (Level 2 drivers). This significantly increases performance when SG DMA and large packets are used, while at the same time decreasing CPU utilization.

- GMII and TBI interface registers and clock management circuitry were added.

- An unused Freeze input port was removed.

- Top-level parameters were changed so that RX Packet FIFO and TX Packet FIFO depths are broken out separately.

- The design was changed to prevent overflowing of the RX Length Register FIFO and allow RX Packet FIFO overflow detection. The resulting change has the following effects:

* Data corruption no longer occurs.

* Receive performance is significantly increased.

* Sporadic failures of the RX CRC Error Interrupt are eliminated.

* The RX Max Length Error Interrupt is allowed to detect received frames that exceed the maximum length when RX Jumbo Frames is disabled.

- The data sheet was updated as follows:

* A reference to the design data format was changed from "VHDL" to "NGC netlists, VHLD wrapper".

* Default settings now match the MPD file.

* Constraint, Resource, and Performance information was added.

* References to TX Pad Enable/Disable capability were removed.

* References to Receive Error Override, which was already functional, was added.

* A reference to C_MAC_FIFO_DEPTH parameter was added.

* A single IPIF FIFO depth parameter was converted into separate parameters for RX and TX.

* Freeze references were removed.

AR# 19198
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