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AR# 19212

6.1i CORE Generator - COREGen fails to open a project or hangs while loading core data


Keywords: CORE, COREGen, CORE Gen, load, ip, hang, open, repository, network, install, launch

When I open the CORE Generator, one of two things might happen:

1. The CORE Generator splash screen appears, but the GUI itself never opens (COREGen appears to have hung while launching).
2. The GUI opens but fails to open a project. A pop-up window contains the message, "Loading Core Data : Please Wait ...". The status bar of the pop-up window indicates 0%, and the log file contains the following data:

"# Xilinx CORE Generator 6.2i
# User = <user name>
Initializing default project...
Loading plug-ins...
Initializing GUI...
All runtime messages will be recorded in <directory path>\coregen.log
SETPROJECT <project location>
ERROR: A problem occurred trying to initialize the current repositories.
A list of the current repositories follows.
Please check list for valid repository paths:

ERROR: Could not change to Project <project location>
ERROR: SETPROJECT command failed"


This can happen if the ISE software is installed on a network drive and the value of the XILINX variable is written with network notation (i.e., \\my_server\xilinx).

To work around this issue, map the network drive to a drive letter (i.e., u: = \\my_server) and then set the XILINX variable using the drive letter (i.e., XILINX=u:\xilinx).
AR# 19212
日期 03/21/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章