AR# 19243


9.1i Map - "ERROR:Pack:737 - DCM 'DCM1' has unrecognized "FACTORY_JF" value of "1100000010000000"


The following error is seen in MAP when using an architecture wizard DCM:

"ERROR:Pack:737 - DCM 'DCM1' has unrecognized "FACTORY_JF" value of "1100000010000000"."


This has been seen when Leonardo Spectrum 2004 is used for synthesis.

When the FACTORY_JF constraint is specified in the HDL source and then synthesized with Leonardo, the value which is specified as a hex value originally is changed to a binary form. This causes a MAP error during implementation:

The work-around is to modify the EDIF:

The FACTORY_JF is written in binary in the EDIF:

(property FACTORY_JF (string "1100000010000000"))

It should be:

(property FACTORY_JF (string "C080"))

AR# 19243
日期 12/15/2012
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