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AR# 19259

7.1i Timing Analyzer - Changing the speed grade option setting does not affect the results in the timing report


General Description.

I opened my design in Timing Analyzer, and ran analysis against Timing Constraint. Then, I ran a second analysis against Timing Constraint with the speed grade option set to "min". Once the min analysis has been run, Timing Analyzer no longer performs max (standard) when I change the speed grade option with a speed grade value. The speed grade written at the end of the report (Timing Analyzer Settings) is correct; however, the analysis is done with the min values.

How can I rerun the analysis for my target device?


To work around this issue, you can run an analysis on a speed grade other than "min" or your device target's speed grade; thereafter, run an analysis for your target device.

Or, you can quit Timing Analyzer and re-load the design using: File -> Recent Design.
AR# 19259
日期 11/04/2011
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章