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AR# 19271

6.2 EDK Install - Service Pack 1 Release Notes/README


Keywords: Service Pack, 1, UNIX, PC, Linux, software, update, 6.2, SP1, 6.2i

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
This README Answer Record contains the Release Notes for EDK 6.2 Service Pack 1. The Release Notes include installation instructions and a list of the issues that are fixed by this Service Pack for the 6.2 release.



EDK 6.2i SP1 requires a valid ISE 6.2i or greater installation.

A successful installation of Xilinx EDK 6.2 Service Pack 1 updates your software version number to 6.2.1.

NOTE 1: The destination directory specified during the set-up operation must contain an existing Xilinx EDK 6.2 installation. Only existing files will be updated.

NOTE 2: Set the Xilinx EDK 6.2 environment variable before commencing the installation of Service Pack 1.

Download installation instructions for PC users:

1. Download EDK_6_2_1_win.exe from:

2. Run "EDK_6_2_1_win.exe".

Download installation instructions for Solaris users:

1. Download EDK_6_2_1_sol.zip from:

2. Unzip EDK_6_2_1_sol.zip it into your $XILINX_EDK area.

Download installation instructions for Linux users:

1. Download EDK_6_2_1_lin.zip from:

2. Unzip EDK_6_2_1_lin.zip it into your $XILINX_EDK area.


Issues Fixed by 6.2 EDK Service Pack 1:

6.2 EDK, SimGen - How do I simulate an EDK Design using NCSim? Do any restrictions exist?
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19321).

6.2 EDK - JTAGPPC v1.00.b - The MPD file has incorrect INITIALVAL keywords
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19272).

6.2 EDK - XPS will crash when the PBD diagram is opened if a custom IP/pcore is used
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19273).

6.2 EDK - BSB - MicroBlaze and PowerPC graphics are difficult to view on Linux
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19274).

6.2 EDK, IPIF - The C_MIR_BASEADDR/HIGHADDR must be set regardless of the C_INCLUDE_MIR value
Please see (Xilinx Answer 17894).

6.2 EDK - In the IP Peripheral Wizard, an incorrect bus is connected
Please see (Xilinx Answer 18756).

6.2 / 6.1 EDK - XMD does not detect CoolRunner device XC2C512, as indicated by UNKNOWN
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19275).

6.2 EDK - IP Create/Import Peripheral Wizard - The Project Options tab drop-down menu does not work
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19276).

6.1 EDK - Opening a PBD block diagram causes XPS to crash when the project contains peripherals located in a remote peripheral repository directory
Please see (Xilinx Answer 18893).

6.2 EDK - "ERROR:MDT - chipscope_plb_iba_0_wrapper (chipscope_plb_iba_0) - failed to copy cache"
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19190).

6.2 EDK - OPB PCI Core causes a DRC error when I set FIFO address bus widths to zero (no FIFOs)
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19277).

6.2 EDK, UART 16550 or 16450 - C_HAS_EXTERNAL_XIN and C_HAS_EXTERNAL_RCLK are incorrect due to auto-update
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19080).

6.2 EDK - ACE file generation prints a great deal of debugging output on Linux (SVFFile::shiftDR)
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19278).

6.2 EDK - The BSB CLOCK_HZ setting is incorrect for my UART driver for 200MHz/67MHz clock settings
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19268).

6.2 EDK, MB-GCC - The "printf" for float variables does not work correctly for MicroBlaze designs
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19279).

6.2 EDK - A PlatGen error reports: "A serious error prevents the system from recovering"
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19290).

6.2 EDK, Base System Builder (BSB) - ML300 signal connections are incorrect for PCI
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19291).

6.2 EDK, SystemACE driver - The XSysAce_WriteSector() contains an error
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19292).

6.2 EDK - OPB_Ethernet does not ignore a collision signal when operating in full duplex mode
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19293).

6.2 EDK - Base System Builder (BSB) assigns the OPB Flash to address 0x00000000
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19294).

6.2 EDK, XPS - Under the Processor and Driver Parameters tab, the GPIO v3.01.a Interrupt field is greyed out
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19296).

6.2 EDK - MB-AS is producing the wrong opcode for the new instructions MSRSET and MSRCLR
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19297).

OPB 10/100 Ethernet MAC v1.01a - Release Notes for EDK 6.2i SP1
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19231).

LogiCORE PLB Gigabit Ethernet MAC (PLB GEMAC) v1.01a - Release Notes for EDK 6.2i SP1
Please see (Xilinx Answer 19198).
AR# 19271
日期 04/09/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章