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AR# 1937

5.2.1 PPR - Possible Cause of PPR error 9016 if using Floorplanner




The following symbols of the set h_set cannot all fit into a single CLB block for this device. Correct the following problem(s) for the symbols listed below.

*** PPR: ERROR 9016:

The set cannot be placed. The previously mentioned block(s) of the set should be closely examined.


A possible cause of this rather generic message could be the use of the floorplanner to place a particular part of a design.


Placing a CC16CE counter macro within a 2X4 CLB matrix - with the BUFT16 macro that the counter is driving to the left of it on the floorplan. Writing/Saving this placement to a constraints file to run ppr -> reports ppr error 9016.

PPR has trouble routing the design as placed within the floorplan in the above example - moving the BUFT16 to the right of the CC16CE counter removes the error.

By way of example, placement of your design within the floorplanner may be one potential source of this error message.

AR# 1937
日期 03/22/2000
状态 Archive
Type ??????