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AR# 19384

6.2i EDK, OPB Interrupt Controller - Can't set C_KIND_OF_INTR, C_KIND_OF_EDGE, or C_KIND_OF_LVL


Keywords: EDK, OPB, interrupt, opb_intc, C_KIND_OF_INTR, C_KIND_OF_EDGE, C_KIND_OF_LVL, C_KIND

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Setting the OPB Interrupt Controller parameters C_KIND_OF_INTR, C_KIND_OF_EDGE, or C_KIND_OF_LVL in the MHS file results in either implementation errors or a system that does not function correctly. How should these parameters be set?


These parameters are set automatically by Platform Generator when building the netlist, and should not be set by the user. For each interrupt in the system, the required values for these signals are read from either the MPD file for the peripheral, or from the PORT declaration in the MHS file in the case of an external interrupt. The proper syntax for setting these options in either the MHS or MPD ports section is found in the Embedded System Tools Guide, available in either


or on the web at


AR# 19384
日期 04/09/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章