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AR# 19412

6.2i EDK - When using ChipScope Core Inserter, ICON parameters are not available


Keywords: 6.1, USER1, USER2, generator, JTAG, BSCAN, component, EDK, XPS, MDM

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The ICON parameter settings described in the ChipScope Pro 6.2i User Manual, Chapter 2, "General ICON Core Options" section are not available when running ChipScope Pro Inserter. How should I configure the ICON for an EDK Project using the MDM debugger? You can access this User Manual at:


When you use the MDM debugger in EDK, you cannot use the inserter because the ICON parameters settings are not available.

However, if you have an EDK design, you can use the chipscope_icon component directly in XPS; you do not have to use the ChipScope Generator. A script allows ChipScope generator to be run from XPS in the background. Also, for this component, XPS has a parameter called C_SYSTEM_CONTAINS_MDM, which automatically places the ChipScope ICON on the first line (USER1) of the BSCAN component if this parameter is set to 1. The MDM uses the second line (USER2) of the BSCAN component.

If ChipScope inserter does not have access to this parameter, it is because a BSCAN component is automatically instantiated when inserting the ICON. Consequently, if your design is from an EDK project using the MDM debugger, then two BSCAN components are instantiated (this generates an error, because an FPGA has only one BSCAN.)

Using ChipScope Generator (or the ChipScope core in EDK, such as ICON, VIO, OPB_IBA, PLB_IBA) gives you more control of your designs.
AR# 19412
日期 04/10/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章