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AR# 19456

6.2i COREGen - Core generation for Spartan-II core fails with following error when Virtex devices are not installed: "ERROR: *** Synthesis Exception ***"


Keywords: XST, Spartan-IIE, generate, synthesis, elaborating, exception, SimGenerator, CAM, encoder, decoder, 8b/10b

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Generating certain Spartan-II cores fails Elaboration with a synthesis error similar to the following:

"Elaborating the module...
ERROR: *** Synthesis Exception ***
The CORE Generator cannot generate the Encode 8b/10b core, test_core, as an error occurred during synthesis.

Synthesis failed.
ERROR: SimGenerator: Failure of Sim to implement customization parameters core test_core
ERROR: Did not generate EDIF implementation netlist (.EDN) file for core <test_core>.
Generating the .VHO/.VHD simulation support files..."


This error occurs for any XST-based (synthesis) core if you installed ISE for Spartan-II/Spartan-IIE, but did not also install Virtex. In the 6.Xi software, Spartan-II synthesis-based cores are handled internally as though they are targeting Virtex components.

To generate these Spartan-II cores with COREGen 6.1i or 6.2i , both the Spartan-II and Virtex device families must be installed.
AR# 19456
日期 03/20/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章