AR# 1950


Foundation: "File specified in $FILE parameter is missing" when pushing into macro


Keywords: foundation, schematic, $file, macro

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When pushing into a macro, Foundation may issue the following message:

File specified in $FILE parameter is missing



This error can occur when the macro comes from another project library and:

1. It is a schematic macro created by using the Symbol
Wizard, or
2. It is an HDL macro (ABEL or VHDL).

When a macro is created under these conditions, the actual
contents of the macro are stored in the project directory.
Only the symbol graphic is stored in the project library.

To get rid of the error, copy the SCH/ABL/VHD file from the
other project directory into the current project directory.

To avoid this problem with schematic macros, you can create
macro symbols without using the Symbol Wizard:

1. Open a new schematic sheet and create the macro.
2. Select Hierarchy -> Create Macro Symbol From Current

This will copy the contents of the schematic into the project
library. Now the macro can be used in other projects without
copying the SCH file.


If the macro comes from the current project library, this
error means that the file containing the macro description is

Verify that the $FILE attribute is pointing to the correct
SCH, ABL, or VHD file by double-clicking on the symbol and
looking at the symbol parameters.

If the $FILE attribute is correct, and the file is not
present in the project directory, you can try to recover the
file from automatic backup. Backup files have a BSC
(schematic) or BAK (ABEL/VHDL) extension.

1. Using File Manager, Windows Explorer, or an MSDOS session,
rename the BSC (or BAK) file to have an SCH (or ABL/VHD)
2. In the Schematic Editor, push into the macro. Make edits
if necessary to bring the macro contents up to date.
AR# 1950
日期 08/12/2003
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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