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AR# 19510

6.1i COREGen - Using a character other than a comma for a thousands separator gives: "ERROR: An internal error has occurred. - Did not generate EDIF implementation netlist"


Keywords: period, full stop, Sim, SimGenerator, failure, EDN, EDIF, thousand, PCI, French, German

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The English language uses the comma character as a thousands separator; for example, one thousand is represented as 1,000. Many other languages use a full stop (a period), representing one thousand as 1.000.

COREGen is only able to handle the use of a comma as a separator. COREGen might generate a fatal internal error when run on a Windows OS with the regional language settings specifying any language which does not use the comma thousand separator.

This problem has been seen by many PCI customers who use German or French language.

The messages you will see are below:

"Preparing to elaborate core...
Elaborating the module...
ERROR: An internal error has occurred. To resolve this error, please consult the Answers Database at http://support.xilinx.com
ERROR: Sim has a problem implementing the selected core. Implementation netlist will not be generated.
ERROR: SimGenerator: Failure of Sim to implement customization parameters core test
ERROR: Did not generate EDIF implementation netlist (.EDN) file for core <test>.
ERROR: Errors encountered while generating <Core_Name> (<Core Type & Version>). No output files have been generated."


This issue is scheduled to be fixed in 6.2i IP update #2.

To work around the issue, a customer must generate PCI, and other effected cores, using a regional setting with the comma as the thousand separator.
AR# 19510
日期 03/20/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章