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AR# 19597

10.1 CORE Generator - Attempting to generate core produces "ERROR: Failure to create .sym symbol file. Cannot post process asy symbol file."


The following error occurs when I use CORE Generator to generate Aurora 201.

"ERROR: Failure to create .sym symbol file. Cannot post process asy symbol file. File <directory path>\<core_name>.asy does not exist. ERROR: Did not generate ISE symbol file for core <core_name>."

This happens when generating a PCI or Aurora Core.


This error might occur if the Aurora or PCI Core is generated from within an ISE project in manage cores mode, or if you launch CORE Generator from within an ISE project directory.

If ISE is selected as the Design Entry Vendor in the CORE Generator Project Options, CORE Generator will try to create a symbol file for any generated core by running asy2sym. The PCI and Aurora Cores are not currently supported within ISE and therefore do not have an associated ".asy" file to convert.

To generate the core within an ISE project directory, change the project options to select "Other" rather than "ISE" for the Vendor.
AR# 19597
日期 07/28/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章