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AR# 19737

Schematic - Symbol pin names are difficult (too small) to read on large components


To view the pin names of large symbols, I need to zoom in on a specified area to determine the correct pin (when making a net connection, for example). When zooming in and out, it is easy to lose track of the location where I am working in a schematic.


The following procedure might be useful when connecting nets to large symbols with pin labels that are difficult to read when the entire symbol is shown:

1. Make sure the "Use the Autorouter ..." option is in the Add Wire Options.

2. Connect to the first pin using a press-drag type or click action; a rubber band line appears.

3. Move the cursor over the applicable pin.

4. Use the F8 command to zoom in; the zoom is centered around the point at the cursor. Use F8 repeatedly until you can see the pin names.

5. Use F7 to zoom out; the zoom is also centered around the cursor point.

You can also use data tips. Any time the cursor is held over an object, a data tip appears with information about the object. To view a data tip for a pin on a symbol, hold the cursor over the endpoint of the pin.

AR# 19737
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章