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AR# 19740

MicroBlaze - How do I bring out MSR and PC signals during behavioral simulation?


When performing a behavioral simulation with MicroBlaze, how do I bring out internal signals such as the Machine State Register (MSR) and Program Counter (PC)?


You can probe the MSR and PC in behavioral simulation by adding the following signals (in MTI syntax): 


add wave -radix hexadecimal -label PC /system/mblaze_i/mblaze_i/data_flow_i/pc_ex 

add wave -radix hexadecimal -label MSR /system/mblaze_i/mblaze_i/data_flow_i/msr 


Other signal names are in the Microprocessor Peripheral Description (MPD) file in the following directory: 




You can add other signals as described above. 


NOTE: Mblaze_i is the system instance name.

AR# 19740
日期 05/16/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章