AR# 19942

LogiCORE Fibre Channel v1.0 Core - Enhancement available to achieve 20% lower slice utilization when core is generated with Statistics


General Description: 

If using the Fibre Channel v1.0 Core with the optional Statistics gathering, an enhancement is available to reduce slice utilization by 20%. Specifically, this is accomplished by synthesizing the Statistics logic into RAM blocks rather than LUTs and FFs.


A patch exists to achieve this improved resource utilization. The patch also updates the device utilization numbers in the Product Specification to more accurately reflect the actual values. 


To obtain this enhancement for the Fibre Channel v1.0 Core when used with the optional Statistics block, please install the patch that is available in the LogiCORE Fibre Channel v1.0 Core Release Notes and Known Issues Answer Record (Xilinx Answer 19527).

AR# 19942
日期 05/16/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章