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AR# 19974

6.3i CPLD TAEngine - "WARNING:Cpld:997 - Error during loading TIMESPEC ts_name = FROM TO... the timespec parser failed"


Keywords: 6.2i, 6.1i, 5.2i, 5.1i, TAEngine, Constraint, CPLD, warning, timing, group, parser, failed, TNM

A design with From/To timing constraints generates a warning message similar to the following:

"WARNING:Cpld:997 - Error during loading TIMESPEC ts_name =
FROM:group1_name:TO:group2_name:10.000nS, the timespec parser failed
to find any instance/net with an expected TNM defined in TIMEGRP
group2_name. The timing constraint will be ignored."

The following is an example of the constraint that generates the above warning message:

TIMEGRP "group1_name" = PADS( "xxxx" );
TIMEGRP "group2_name" = PADS( "xxxxx" );
TIMESPEC "ts_group1_name_to_group2_name" = FROM "group1_name" TO "group2_name" 10 ns;


This warning message is generated when a group is not correctly defined, or empty. It can also be the result of an erroneous timing constraint syntax:

Timing constraints for CPLDs are case sensitive.

The implementation tools require a TIMESPEC to be defined, with a Timespec_name beginning by the letters "TS_" followed by any ASCII characters.

If the TIMESPEC name does not start with these two letters in upper case, but in lower case as shown above in this Answer Record description, this warning will be generated.

An example of correct syntax :

TIMEGRP "groupa_name" = PADS( "xxxx" );
TIMEGRP "groupb_name" = PADS( "xxxxx" );
TIMESPEC "TS_groupa_name_to_groupb_name" = FROM "groupa_name" TO "groupb_name" 10 ns;

This will be corrected in 7.1i.
AR# 19974
日期 03/27/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章