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AR# 19998

6.3 EDK - BFM Simulation - ModelSim issues the following error: "# ** Error: (vsim-4008) Object 'plb_slave_addr_array(0)' not found."


Keywords: EDK, XPS, BFM, ModelSim, ModelTech, VSIM

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When performing a Bus Functional Model (BFM) simulation using ModelSim 5.8, the following error occurs:

# Loading H:/simlib/test/EDK6.3_mti_se_nt/ISE_Lib/unisim/.bufgp(bufgp_v)
# sim:/bfm_system/bfm_memory/bfm_memory/slave/slave
# sim:/bfm_system/bfm_memory/bfm_memory/slave/slave/slave_mem
# ** Error: (vsim-4008) Object 'plb_slave_addr_array(0)' not found.
# Error in macro ./../../scripts/sample.do line 102
# ** Error: (vsim-4008) Object 'plb_slave_addr_array(0)' not found.
# while executing
# "change plb_slave_addr_array(0) 16#0000000010000001
# "


In order to perform BFM simulation, you must use ModelSim 6.0.
AR# 19998
日期 04/11/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章