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AR# 20029

6.3 EDK, Eclipse - Using a Platform Studio SDK ELF file in Platform Studio


General Description:

How do I import an ELF file created in Eclipse back to XPS so that it can be used to initialize the BRAM contents?


EDK 6.3 now includes Platform Studio SDK, which allows you to create a software project which generate an ELF file. This Answer Record provides the steps by which to use that ELF file in Xilinx Platform Studio.

1. Open the XPS project in the Xilinx Platform Studio.

2. Select the Applications tab on the left-hand side.

3. Right-click "Software Projects" and chose "Add SW Application Project". Type the project name in the dialog box that comes up, select the correct processor from the design if it is a multi-processor design, and click OK.

4. Double-click the new project.

5. Select the "Directories" tab and provide the path to the Platform Studio SDK ELF file in "Output ELF File" and click OK.

6. Make sure the appropriate projects are set "Mark to Initialize BRAMs" as indicated by the BRAM icon to the left of the project name. Right-clicking the Project name allows this setting to be changed.
AR# 20029
日期 11/15/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章