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AR# 20079

6.1i XST - "FATAL_ERROR:Xst:strutil.c:517:1.26 - Data corruption (StrCatIndexToStrPX) - Negative index Process will terminate"


Keywords: ISE, 6.3

Urgency: Hot

General Description:
While I am synthesizing my code, XST generates the following error message:

"FATAL_ERROR:Xst:strutil.c:517:1.26 - Data corruption (StrCatIndexToStrPX) - Negative index Process will terminate
To resolve this error, consult the Answers Database and other online resources at http://support.xilinx.com.
If you need further assistance, please open a Webcase by clicking on the "WebCase" link at http://support.xilinx.com
XIL_MEMUSAGE - process used 11534336 bytes of memory
ERROR: XST failed
Process "Synthesize" did not complete."

How can I solve this problem?


Negative indices are not currently supported in XST. A negative index takes the form of the following:

signal my_sig1 : std_logic_vector (-2 to 5);
signal my_sig2 : std_logic_vector (5 downto -2);

To work around this problem, do not use negative indices.
AR# 20079
日期 03/08/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章