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AR# 20305

6.3 EDK, XMD - How can I use XMD Debug Options GUI options to specify my custom cache and DCR options?


Keywords: XMD, EDK, 6.3, GUI, debug, opt, options

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
As of 6.3, the XMD Debug Options GUI restricts the cache and DCR XMD options. How can custom cache and DCR options be specified?


In order to specify custom XMD options, use the "xmd.ini" file located in the root project directory. "xmd.ini" is a text-based script file that contains XMD commands. When XMD is called from within XPS, the commands in the "xmd.ini" file are executed.

Below is an example of an "xmd.ini" file:

connect ppc hw -debugdevice isocmstartadr 0xFFFFC000 isocmsize 16384 isocmdcrstartadr 0x18 dcrstartadr 0x78002000

Consult SR 17151 for information on creating an executable file that runs completely out of caches.
AR# 20305
日期 04/11/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章