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AR# 20342

7.1i ISE - After running an ISE 6 NCD file through 7.1i, a 6XX file is generated. What is this file type?


Keywords: 6.1i, 6.2i, 6.3i, .ncd, _ncd, converstion, MAP, PAR

After running the 7.1i tools using an ISE 6 NCD file, a 6XX file is generated by the tools. What is this file used for?


NCD files generated in ISE 6 cannot be used by ISE 7; therefore, the software tools need to convert the NCD file to the new format. Before this conversion happens, the ISE 6 NCD is preserved with this 6XX file. For example, if your NCD file in ISE 6 was "top.ncd", after attempting to use this file in ISE 7, you would end up with the following:

1. "top.ncd" in the new ISE 7 format
2. "top_ncd.6xx" in the old ISE 6 format

When going back to use the ISE 6 tools, the "top_ncd.6xx" file must be renamed manually back to "top.ncd".
AR# 20342
日期 08/01/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章