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AR# 20384

LogiCORE Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC v1.1 Core - Problems with Half-Duplex mode operating at 1 Gbps


General Description: 

The following problems have been discovered with the Half-Duplex operation of the Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC v1.1 Core running at 1 Gbps: 


- The transmitter is not extending the frames to the correct slot time. 

- The transmitter is behaving incorrectly if a collision occurs near the slot time. 

- When the receiver switches from Full-Dupex to Half-Duplex mode at 1Gbps, the new configuration will not take effect until 1 frame has been received. 

- The receiver does not calculate the slot time over a whole burst. Specifically, if the first frame is not over slot time in length (data + extension), it will start counting the slot time again on the second frame.


A patch exists to fix these issues with the 1 Gbps Half-Duplex mode. Please install the patch that is available in the LogiCORE Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC v1.1 Core Release Notes and Known Issues Answer Record (Xilinx Answer 19882).

AR# 20384
日期 05/16/2014
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章