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AR# 20385

EDK 6.3.1 - Flash Writer generates a fatal error followed by XPS shut down


Keywords: GuiUtilities, pcore

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
In EDK 6.3is1, when I select Tools -> Program Flash Memory, the following error occurs:

"FATAL-ERROR:GuiUtilities:WinApp.c:657:$Revision - This application has discovered an exceptional condition...."

When I click OK on the errors, EDK shuts down. I also notice one or more MDT errors in the XPS command window alluding to missing MPD files for Custom UserIP cores.


This fatal error is a result of Custom Pcores residing in the MHS. Use the following steps to work around this issue:

1. Create a dummy project with base system builder that has an EMC controller in it and use any board containing a Flash part, such as the Insight 2VP7 Board.
2. Click Tools -> Update Bitstream.
3. Click Options -> XMD Debug Options and click the Save button in the window that appears.
4. Click Tools -> Program Flash Memory and select the ".elf" file in the TestApp directory to fill in the File to Program Field.
NOTE: The ".elf" file is a place holder in this case; generally, you need to provide the Flash writer with a SREC formatted file.
5. Click the Program Flash button.
6. Save the "flash_params.tcl" file from the "\etc" directory of the dummy project to the" \etc" directory of the project with Custom Pcores.
7. Open the file and verify the following parameters:
FLASH_FILE -> This should point to the SREC file that will go in the Flash.
FLASH_BASEADDR -> The base address for the Flash.
SCRATCH_BASEADDR -> The base address for the memory to be used as the scratch pad.

Once you have verified these settings, save and close the file.

8. Turn on the board and verify that the parallel 4 cable is connected.
9. Download the bitstream of the design that contains the Custom Pcore.
10. Open a xygwin shell and enter the following command:
xmd -tcl flashwriter.tcl
AR# 20385
日期 04/30/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章