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AR# 20478

10.1 CORE Generator - A CORE Generator project created on a PC does not behave properly on Linux systems


When I create a CORE Generator project on a Windows platform and open it later on a Solaris or Linux platform, the following problems can occur:

- The "Generated IP" in the project do not show up.

- Running File -> Execute Command File on any ".xco" file in the project fails with a message similar to the following:

"ERROR:coreutil - Failure to generate output products

ERROR:coreutil:261 - Couldn't open H:\core/_cg/_java_exc.out for reading."

- IP core customization fails with a message similar to the following:

"ERROR: coreutil - Unable to initialize customization GUI

ERROR:coreutil:261 - Couldn't open H:\my_proj\tmp/_cg/xil_DAADaaXD.out for reading."


To transfer a CORE Generator project safely between Windows- and UNIX-style platforms, you should first edit the "<coregen_project>.cgp" file to change the working directory to a proper location for the new system where the project will be opened.


SET workingdirectory = /home/joe/my_project/tmp/

SET workingdirectory = H:\my_project\tmp\

For some operations, this setting must also be made to existing "core .xco" files that will be changed.

This issue has been resolved in ISE 11.1.
AR# 20478
日期 07/28/2010
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章