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AR# 20571

6.3i TMRTool - "Warning - Your macro lib path is not set. Please set it using the preferences dialog..." after installing TMRTool


Keywords: TMRTool, Install, macro lib, macrolib

Urgency: Standard

When I am launching TMRTool for the first time after installing the software, a message appears before the tool opens:

"Warning - Your macro lib path is not set. Please set it using the preferences dialog. Normally it is set to the "MacroLib" subfolder within the installation directory."

Next, the "TMRTool Preferences" dialog box opens.


This problem is caused by an incorrectly set macro library path. The TMRTool installer does not currently set this path during installation, so this error will usually appear immediately after installing the software. See also (Xilinx Answer 20570).

When the "TMRTool Preferences" dialog box opens, browse to the following path:
...where $TMRTool is the installation directory. For example, if you installed TMRTool to the "C:/Program Files/ directory", you would select:
C:/Program Files/TMRTool/MacroLib

Click "OK" after selecting the macrolib directory.

AR# 20571
日期 07/31/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章