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AR# 20583

6.3i ISE - When I use Syplify Pro, the Synplify path also has to be set or UniSim is not mapped correctly


Keywords: UniSim, UniSims, unisims, path, nothere, not here, Synplicity

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I use Synplify Pro as the target synthesis tool, the mapping to the UniSim library in the "prj" file is taken from the Synplify path instead of the Synplify Pro Path. These paths are set in Edit -> Preferences -> Integrated Tools. This works fine if the Synplify and Synplify Pro paths are both set and both are located in the same root directory.

But if the Synplify path is not set or only Synplify Pro is installed, then Synplify Pro ".prj" file that is created by Project Navigator will have an erroneous line to the UniSim file:

add_file -verilog {NotHere/../lib/xilinx/unisim.v}


To work around this, set the Synplify path to the same root path as the Synplify Pro path:

1. Open Project Navigator.
2. Select Edit then Preferences....
3. Select the Integrated Tools tab.
4. Set the Synplify path to be the same as the Synplify Pro path.
5. Press the OK button.
AR# 20583
日期 04/24/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章