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AR# 20644

7.1i ISE - Extra entries show up in the ISE Online Help Table of Contents (projnav, dkxilinx) using Mozilla/Firefox


Keywords: Project, Navigator, web, IE, TOC

When opening the Online Help in ISE using Mozilla/Firefox, two extra topics show up in the Table of Contents. These topics are named "projnav" and "dkxilinx." Why are these extra topics showing up?



The software Xilinx uses to generate the ISE Online Help believes that javascript is unavailable for Mozilla/Firefox (whether it is installed or not), and therefore loads the DHTML version. These entries are not seen in the javascript version of the ISE Online Help when loaded by Internet Explorer or Netscape and can be ignored.


If you would like to use a Mozilla-based browser to view the javascript version of ISE Online Help, the User Agent Switcher plug-in can be set to mimic Internet Explorer or Netscape.

For more information on User Agent Switcher, go to:
AR# 20644
日期 08/01/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章