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AR# 20656

9.1i ISE - Apply Project Properties does not check for outdated properties


Keywords: NPL, ISE, XPF, Project Navigator, property, option, ProjNav, Proj Nav

For each major release, a project migration script is created to convert any outdated project options to the new value or a default value if it exists. However, if I use an ".ise" or "XPF" file from an older version with the Apply Project Properties, there is no check to see if properties are still valid.


To ensure that project properties are correctly imported, a property file from the same version should be used.

- In the 7.1i release, the project file extension was changed to ".ise", and project files took on a new format.
- A project file can be updated (migrated) to the latest format by simply opening the file in the current software using File->Open Project. Any project option inconsistencies will be noted with a pop-up dialog box.
- An XPF file can be created by renaming an NPL or ISE file to ".xpf".
- Incorrect properties from an older version will be ignored, and default values will be used for the equivalent property.

In ISE 10.1, Project Navigator will only allow applying project properties from an ".ise" file of the same version.
AR# 20656
日期 04/16/2009
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章