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AR# 20673

7.1i ISE - All processes under Launch Tools fail when using Precision synthesis flow on Linux or Solaris


Keywords: Project Navigator, Precision_gui, batch, integration

Within the Precision synthesis flow options in Project Navigator, there are several options under the "Launch Tools" heading that are intended to open the Precision tools in standalone mode. Among those standalone Precision commands are: View RTL Schematic, View Technology Schematic, and Open Standalone Precision Project. On LINUX and Solaris OS, these commands to launch the Precision GUI fail with a "Command not found" error message. Other Precision commands, running in batch mode, work correctly through Project Navigator.


The issue is as follows:
When you run one of these commands, Project Navigator launches the standalone version of Precision using the command precision_gui. However, this command is available only on the Windows version of Precision. The Solaris and Linux versions of Precision need to be launched by using the "precision" command.

In order for Solaris and Linux users to launch the Precision standalone tools directly from the ISE process command, they must add a symbolic link to their installed Precision directory. By creating a link called precision_gui and pointing it to the precision executable file, the ISE precision_gui command will in fact properly launch the precision file.

To add this link:

- Cd (change directories) to the installed Precision directory on your Linux or Solaris machine or network. This is the directory in which your precision executable file has been installed.
- Cd ../Mgc_Home/bin
- Create a symbolic link called precision_gui. Point it to the precision executable file.
ln -s precision precision_gui

Now, when the ISE tools launch precision_gui, the precision command will be run, properly launching the Precision software standalone.

Alternatively, you could make a copy of the precision executable and name it "precision_gui".
AR# 20673
日期 03/25/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章