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AR# 20680

Virtex-4 - How can I find the location of I/Os and banks?


How can I find out the column and bank location of an I/O pin? How can I find out the adjacent bank number?


The location of I/Os on the die can be viewed in PACE, Floorplanner, and FPGA Editor. For a text file version with banking locations, PARTGen can be run to generate a ".pkg" file. The command line for PARTGen is:

partgen -v <device>

an example of a device name is: xc4vlx60

PARTGen lists IOB coordinates for each I/O in the form of IOBxxyy,


x0 is the is the left column of I/O.

x1 is the center column of I/O.

x2 is the right column of I/0.

y0 is the bottom of the die.

ymax is the top of the die.

NOTE: For information on where to find ASCII package files, see (Xilinx Answer 20578).

AR# 20680
日期 12/15/2012
状态 Active
Type 综合文章