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AR# 20715

8.1i CORE Generator - An error occurs while executing formal verification script core2formal_wrp


Keywords: formal, verification, secure, COREGen, core2formal, generating, execute

When I generate a core with formal verification turned on, the following error occurs:

"Error occurred while executing formal verification script $XILINX/coregen/bin/sol/core2formal_wrp. Please check coregen.log for error messages."
"ERROR: Core <core_name> did not generate Formality formal verification support model."


If you generate a core that has a secure netlist, and Formal Verification output is on, it will fail. This is because core2formal runs NGDBuild then ngd2ver on the EDIF. If the core has a secure netlist, ngd2ver will fail; thus, core2formal fails.
AR# 20715
日期 03/13/2008
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章