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AR# 20721

7.1i CORE Generator - "ERROR:sim:4 - Could not create clean working directory \\<unc_path>\myproj\tmp\_cg."


Keywords: UNC, network, customization, open, universal, naming, convention

I can successfully create a CORE Generator project using a UNC path. However, when I select a core and try to open the customization GUI or regenerate the core, the following error occurs:

"ERROR:sim:4 - Could not create clean working directory \\<servername>\<path>\<Project_directory>\tmp\_cg."

Also, a pop-up window displays the following message:

"An Error has occurred during the operation"

Additional errors can occur indicating that a specific file in the tmp\_cg directory "cannot be written" or "does not exist and cannot be written."


To work around this problem, first map the network location to a specific drive and then create the CORE Generator project.

To preserve the existing CORE Generator project, open the ".cgp" file and change the working directory setting to the mapped drive location, as shown in the following example:

1. The following message occurs:
"ERROR:sim:4 - Could not create clean working directory \\testserve\mydir\temp\unc_cores\tmp\_cg."
2. Close the CORE Generator project.
3. Map F: drive to \\testserve\mydir.
4. Open the ".cgp" file and change the following:
SET workingdirectory = \\testserve\mydir\temp\unc_cores\tmp
SET workingdirectory = F:\temp\unc_cores\tmp
5. Re-open the CORE Generator project and proceed with the core generation.

Alternatively, in place of steps 4 and 5, create a new ISE 7.1i project using the new mapped directory location, then proceed with core generation.
AR# 20721
日期 12/13/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章