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AR# 20729

7.1i CORE Generator - COREGen Help and Online documentation do not work on Japanese platform


Keywords: OS, Platform, contents, documentation, userenglish, install, unable to find, browser, overview, cgn_b_overview

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I select Help -> Xilinx Core Generator Help Contents, either no information is displayed or a browser message appears stating that the browser is unable to find file or directory

This happens only when ISE is installed on a Japanese platform.


This problem occurs because the Core Generator Help link is pointing to the wrong location.

In the 7.1i release, the Core Generator Help documentation is available only in English. The English version of the Core Generator Help documentation is installed in the "%XILINX%\doc\japanese" directory. However, the Core Generator link points to the file in the "%XILINX%\doc\userenglish" directory.

To make the Help available:
- copy the "%XILINX%\doc\japanese" directory
- rename the new directory "%XILINX%\doc\userenglish"

NOTE: After you make this change, the English version of the Core Generator Help will be available on Japanese OS. CORE Generator Help has not been translated to Japanese for the 7.1i release.

You cannot simply rename the "japanese" directory to "userenglish." This will not work since the "%XILINX%\doc\japanese" directory is required for all help files that have been translated to Japanese.

Duplicating the directory will take approximately 170MB.
AR# 20729
日期 12/13/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章