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AR# 20747

6.3i EDK, SDK - The Available Processors list shows only one processor


Keywords: Eclipse, PPC, MicroBlaze

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
The project used one PPC405 and two MicroBlazes. The applications in project can be built successfully in XPS.

In XILINX Platform Studio SDK, I followed the new project wizard option, selected Managed Make C Project (Automatically Makefile), and loaded the project's existing ".xmp file." The following message occurred:

"The SDK only showed PPC405 in available processors list, which looked like:
XMP file [ ...... system.xmp]
Processor [ PPC405 ]"

There were no other two MicroBlazes to be selected there.

Process to reproduce:
1. Launch XILINX Platform Studio SDK.
2. Creating New Project. Click File -> New -> Project.
3. Select Managed Make C Project and click Next.
4. Select the associated XPS project and target processor. Click Browse, select the "system.xmp".
5. Once the XMP file is selected, the SDK will create a list of available processors. Then, you can see the issue.


It looks like a bug in the XPS-integration in SDK. The problem might be in the xps -batch called by SDK to figure out the processor instances.

This issue has been resolved in EDK 7.1.
AR# 20747
日期 04/12/2007
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章