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AR# 20765

7.1i CORE Generator - No IP available for Automotive, Virtex-II Pro X device families


Keywords: COREGen, aSpartan-II E, aSpartan-3, aCoolRunner-II, Select Core Type, device family, Virtex-II Pro X, parts

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I select an Automotive or Virtex-II Pro X device family, no IP is available through COREGen.

When using CORE Generator standalone, if I change the device family to one of these device families, a message similar to the following occurs:

"No IP currently available for selected part: xa3s50-4vq144"

When I add a new core from Project Navigator (Project-> New Source -> IP (COREGen & Architecture Wizard)), the Select Core Type field is empty and I am not able to proceed.



Support for the Virtex-II Pro X and Automotive parts was not added in 7.1i for any COREGen or Architecture IP because at the time of the final build, no IP had been formally qualified for theses devices. IP Cores will become available for new device families as the cores are qualified for the specific families.

Check the latest service pack and IP updates for the available IPs for these devices.


Currently, CORE Generator will show only the specific IP that is available for the device family selected. A change request has been made which, when implemented, will allow CORE Generator to show all available IP in the currently installed software. IP which is not available for the selected Device family will be grayed out, but you would be able to select and view data sheets for those IP cores.
AR# 20765
日期 12/13/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章