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AR# 2077

DATA I/O - Error: "incompatible user data for device selected"


Keywords: Data I/O, 9536, incompatible user data

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
Data I/O programmer issues "incompatible user data for device selected"
on a JEDEC file you are trying to use to program a 9536 device.

Full error message:

"Incompatible user data for device selected.
The data in RAM is the wrong size or format. Check to make
sure the JEDEC file is correct for the device selected."


Possible causes of this error:

The JEDEC file is incompatible with the device you are trying to
program, either because:

1. the target device is different from the one
defined in the JEDEC file,

2. device-specific fuse or pin counts are incorrect in the JEDEC file.

There are several things you can check in a JEDEC file
whenever you get an error about "incompatible data for
device selected".

1. QF field at the top of the file:

This represents the number of
fuses in the device. For the 9536, this number should be

2. QP Field at the top of the file:

This represents the number of pins on the package.
for a 9536pc44, this should say:


3. Comment field on line 10: This field identifies the
type of device that the JEDEC file is for. For the
9536, it might look something like:

N DEVICE XC9536-7-PC44 *

4. The last two lines in the JEDEC file represent a
FUSE Checksum and a FILE Checksum, respectively.

As the programmer receives a JEDEC file, it calculates
a file checksum from the data received. The calculated
checksum is compared with the file's FILE checksum and
if they do not match, the programmer rejects the file.
The FILE checksum is also referred to as the TRANSMIT checksum.

The FUSE checksum is used for programming purposes.
If a device's contents matches that of a specified device,
the device checksum will match the FUSE checksum in the
JEDEC file.

AR# 2077
日期 02/08/2001
状态 Archive
Type ??????