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AR# 20876

7.1i ISE - Create Schematic Symbol does not seem to create a new symbol on UNIX OS


Keywords: xaw, properties, wizard, clocking, dcm, RocketIO, Linux, Unix, Solaris, symbol, source, sym

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I run the "Create Schematic Symbol" process for a source file, the following behavior is observed on Unix systems:

- If there is an existing symbol (.sym) file for the source, the "Create Schematic Symbol" process returns a successful result. However, the "<source>.sym" file is not effected.
- If there is not an existing symbol (.sym) file for the source, the symbol is created as expected.

Additionally, for Architecture Wizard (XAW) source files, when I attempt to change the "Create Schematic Symbol" properties to select the "Overwrite Existing Symbol" option, the Properties option is grayed out.


The "Create Schematic Symbol" process has an "Overwrite Existing Symbol" option (-w) which is not selected by default.

On a Windows OS, if "<source>.sym" already exists, the "Create Schematic Symbol" process (spl2sym) will launch a pop-up window asking if you would like to overwrite the existing symbol when the -w is not present on the command line. However, on Unix platforms, "spl2sym" simply gives a successful return code when the -w is not specified.

If there is another (non-xaw) source in the project, the Create Schematic Symbol property can be changed to overwrite the symbol, and then the -w will be sent for both ".xaw" and other source files.

If you have not custom created the ".sym" file, the best solution is to delete the ".sym" file from the project directory before running the "Create Schematic Symbol" process.
AR# 20876
日期 12/13/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章