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AR# 20923

7.1i Schematic - "ERROR:NgdBuild:604 - STARTBUF_SPARTAN3E could not be resolved..." for schematic design


Keywords: schematic, startbuf, Spartan-3E, Spartan3E, spartan3e, translate, logical block

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
NGDBUILD (translate) fails on a Spartan-3E schematic design with the following error about the startbuf_spartan3e symbol:

ERROR:NgdBuild:604 - logical block 'XLXI_<#>' with type 'STARTBUF_SPARTAN3E' could
not be resolved. A pin name misspelling can cause this, a missing edif or ngc
file, or the misspelling of a type name. Symbol 'STARTBUF_SPARTAN3E' is not
supported in target 'spartan3e'.


The STARTBUF module is not supported for the Spartan-3E architecture. However, the STARTBUF_SPARTAN3E symbol was errantly added to the Spartan-3E library. Please remove this symbol from any Sparta-3E designs.

The STARTBUF_SPARTAN3E has been removed from the Spartan-3E library in the latest 7.1i Service Pack available at:
The first service pack containing the fix is 7.1i Service Pack 1.
AR# 20923
日期 03/19/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章