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VERILOG-XL: Error! Instance specific item not found in `uselib path. Directory : <path_to_library>


Keywords: Verilog-XL, Verilog

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Verilog-XL may issue the following error when reading in
a Verilog simulation netlist:

Error! Instance specific item not found in `uselib path.
Directory : <path_to_library)
Error! Module or primitive (XXXX) not defined



This error usually means that your uselib statements have been
specified incorrectly. Either:

1. The libraries you have specified do not exist (check that
you have specified the paths correctly)

2. The specified component does not exist in that library

3. There are multiple `uselib statements, and the `uselib
statement that referenced the required library may have
been overridden by a subsequent one (the last `uselib
read in by the simulator always overrrides all earlier

A common situation which requires multiple `uselib
is a design done in Cadence Concept that includes
LogiBLOX modules. In this case, `uselib directives are
required for both the Verilog Unified Libraries for the
Concept library components (usually located in
$XILINX/cadence/data/verilogxxxx), as well the Xilinx
Verilog SIMPRIM libraries ($XILINX/verilog/data) for the
LogiBLOX modules.

The problem can be resolved in this case by processing
the design up to NGDBUILD, then running NGD2VER on the .NGD file
with the -tf and -ul options and using the resulting .tv
file as the testbench template solves the problem.


Check the Verilog file for UNIX compatibility. A Verilog file imported
from a DOS environment will designate a new line by a line-feed and a
carriage return. In a UNIX evironment, a new line is designated by
only a line feed. For example, this file was imported from a DOS

`uselib dir=/qahog/m1builds/x1_4.12/unix/verilog/data libext=.vmd^M

Use the dos2unix utility strip out the "^M" tagging the end-of-line.
Dos2unix is available on most UNIX systems.
AR# 2122
日期 05/05/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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