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AR# 21301

7.1i CORE Generator - XCO file for block RAM components is not read correctly. Regeneration gives "ERROR:coreutil - Illegal combination: Port B Width invalid for Port A settings."


Keywords: recustomize, regenerate, .xco, XCO, width, invalid, customization, fields, COREGen, CORE, CORE Generator, coregen, core, BRAM, block, RAM, block RAM, Memory, port, width

Urgency: High

General Description:
When trying to recustomize or regenerate an existing block RAM, the ".xco" file is incorrectly read and a random value is assigned for the Port width values.

This might lead to the following errors:

"ERROR:coreutil - Failure to complete update of customization GUI fields."
"ERROR:coreutil - Illegal combination: Port B Width invalid for Port A settings."


The ".xco", the core netlist, and all of the supporting files for the core were created correctly when the core was first generated.

The problem occurs only when the ".xco" is read in to regenerate or recustomize the core.

To work around this problem, you should use the recustomization option and bring up the core customization GUI. Verify that the core settings are correct before generating the core.

This problem has been fixed in IP update 1 for 7.1i.
AR# 21301
日期 12/13/2006
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章