AR# 2141


Design Manager M1.3/M1.4/M1.5: "illegal command line for invoking the Flow Engine", produced when spaces are used in the path; basut 215


Keywords: M1, Design Manager, Flow Engine, illegal command line, space, basut 215

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

After creating a new design in the M1 Design Manager and
selecting Implement->Run, a message box may appear with the
following error message:

"illegal command line for invoking the Flow Engine"


Beginning with the 1.5 release, this msg has been made
obsolete and replaced with a more comprehensible one.

This error is produced if the input design file is located
in a directory that has spaces in the directory path name. The M1
software will accept long file names (greater than 8 characters),
but will not accept spaces in directory names, as the software
interprets the single path to be multiple arguments.


Remove any spaces in the directory structure. Using underscores is
one alternative.

For Example:

C:\my files\design.edn

should be changed to


NOTE: Starting with the M1.5 release, the Design Manager will automatically
prompt the user with a notification if and when spaces are detected in the
path. The following message will appear when opening an existing project
as well when a new project is created:

"The entry D:\path\to\intro lab\introlab.xpj contains spaces. Currently
spaces are not supported."
AR# 2141
日期 11/07/2004
状态 Archive
Type 综合文章
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